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Monitoring results

Live monitoring data for Invercargill and Gore is available on the front page of this website. To find further data go to:




The National Environmental Standard (NES) for PM10 (particulate matter smaller than 10 microns in diameter) is a 24-hour average concentration of 50 mg/m3, averaged over a 24-hour period. We are required to report each breach of this standard within the Gore and Invercargill airsheds. The exceedances for 2021 are noted below:

LocationDateConcentration (µg/m3)
Invercargill at Pomona Street 26/5/21 70.6
Invercargill at Pomona Street 10/6/21 50.7
Invercargill at Pomona Street 20/6/21 58.4

Total exceedances (as at 20/06/2021):

Invercargill - 3

Gore - 0

Why does it matter if our air quality is poor?

Poor air quality has an impact on us all, but particularly on those who are most vulnerable - our children, elderly and those with respiratory illnesses. Higher levels of pollutants make breathing more difficult and can result in a range of health issues.